We plan for a better, more sustainable future.

With medical and biological science at our core, Revival Group is
committed to scientifically robust, ethical practice - vital in an industry that is poorly understood.

The potential for hemp to revive the farming industry provides
opportunities for farmers in the UK and in communities overseas. Hemp is a sustainable crop that can sequester carbon, improve biodiversity and provide the raw material for
sustainable building, clothing, nutritional and other products.


Revival Group International holds a licence to cultivate industrial hemp for fibre, seed and oil products for nutritional foods, textiles and building materials. Crops that thrive in a changing climate support our valuable farming industry.


Revival Group International is proud to be working with agronomists and farmers to perform scientific research into the value of hemp as a break crop, in carbon sequestration, soil improvement, biodiversity, nutrition and more.


A platform for high-quality hemp and CBD products addresses the consumer need for clear, responsible marketing. Featured brands confirm they meet rigorous standards of compliance, sustainability and more, empowering consumer choice.


In an industry where regulations are lagging behind and many products lack scientific evidence, the team of doctors and scientists at Revival Group International have developed standards and guidance for consumers and producers who value high quality products.

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