If your company would seem to have the right products and ethos to meet the Revival Quality Standards, please apply below.

There is no charge for application or use. 

Apply Now


How Do I Apply?

Simply click the Apply Now button to access our application form. You will be invited to answer questions relating to your company compliance and general ethos. If our assessors are satisfied, you will receive a link to submit information relating to any product you wish to be assessed for the Revival Quality Mark.

How Much Does The Application Cost?

We are providing the Revival Quality Mark free of charge as part of our commitment to raise standards in the CBD and hemp industry for the benefit of consumer and producers.

Who Has Set The Criteria?

The Revival Quality Mark criteria have been collated from recognised quality indicators and adapted to ensure they are fit for purpose in the hemp and CBD market by our team of doctors, scientist and agriculturalists.

How Long Does It Take To Be Awarded The Revival Quality Mark?

Once you have provided the required information, you will hear within 2 weeks whether or not you have been awarded the Revival Quality Mark for a specific product.

How Safe Are The Data I Provide?

Information provided will remain confidential and will never be shared without your permission. We want to raise confidence in the hemp and CBD sector by supporting ethical and responsible companies and we hold those values strongly, ourselves. 

However, as an industry, we should strive to provide transparency and relevant information to customers wherever possible. We therefore require companies to allow customers to access lab reports and other safety or related information. We will ask your permission before we share any information you provide.

Can I Use The Revival Quality Mark On My Website, Packaging Or Other Marketing Material?

Yes - we want customers to have an easy way to differentiate high quality companies and products in the hemp and CBD industry. If you are awarded the Revival Quality Mark you will receive high resolution images and information on how to use the Quality Mark.

How Do I Apply For Another Product To Be Awarded The Revival Quality Mark?

If you have already applied as a company and now want to provide product details, please use the Additional Product Submission form link that was emailed to you.